LIDL Grocery Stores Appearing Across the U.S.


Germany’s popular Lidl Grocery Retailer has big plans for competing in the United States beginning in 2018. Already a mainstay across Europe for four decades, their unique stores offer high-quality deep discounts and a retail experience that ranks well beyond what most Americans have come to expect.

With over 10,000 stores in 26 countries, initial expansion into the US will begin with between 100 and 150 stores up and down the East Coast. Company officials plan to shake up the marketplace, going head to head with discount giants Walmart and Target. Big-box store sales may also be impacted by Lidl’s selection of small appliances, clothing, and other non-grocery items. Their popular store brands, along with minimal markups on national brands, appeal to shoppers who are focused on saving money without sacrificing a rich shopping experience.

As the company scouts for markets here in the US, they remain committed to their guiding principle of providing customers with high-quality products, low prices, and convenient locations. To this end, they have dispatched a team of site selection specialists based out of Virginia. The Lidl Company Website encourages interested parties to review Lidl’s site layout and location criteria to determine if they know of or own land for sale that might be a good fit with Lidl’s expansion goals.

Though Lidl remains relatively discreet about where and when their first stores will open, industry insiders say these states represent their first targets:

  • Georgia
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Washington, DC
  • Maryland
  • Delaware
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania

Sites they approve will be at busy intersections with traffic signals. They also require at least four acres, preferably for purchase, in order to accommodate their 36,000 square foot stand-alone storefronts. Lidl representatives initiating zoning applications and beginning the permitting process in various communities have created a great deal of enthusiasm for their planned roll out in 2018.

For job seekers, career opportunities abound and Lidl is actively recruiting around their U.S. expansion. Those interested are encouraged to learn more and submit an application at the Lidl Company Website.

Lidl is also looking for local suppliers to partner with them in creating a truly unique shopping experience. The Lidl Company Website answers frequently asked questions about becoming a partner along with a link to their Code of Conduct Contract that emphasizes Lidl’s commitment to, “The highest standards of social and environmental responsibility and ethical conduct.”

Overall, Lidl is regarded as a company that is sure to upset standing operations at rival stores according to Forbes Magazine. Their track record for disrupting profits and market share for established competitors in expansion markets like the UK is well documented.

Lidl is a privately held company based in Neckarsulm, Germany. Sales in the fiscal year 2015-2016 topped 85-billion Euros, putting them well on their way to a 100-billion Euros target for 2020. Experts around the globe predict a successful expansion into the US to help fuel this aggressive goal. Based on the commercial real estate buzz they are creating, we can also expect quite a stir with American shoppers in the next few months as Lidl stores begin to open.

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